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Genespages - Run by Swindler & Roseblow

Dipshit news flash


News Flash - The friendly folks here at Genespages want to remind you to register all your domains .com .net & .org. Someone will if you don't and you may end up looking like a fool! You already know this, but I like seeing it again and again. Mississippi State fans suck. Dan Mullen sucks as a recruiter and coach. Bully hates Starkhell. To top that off ringing cowbells makes you look like a douche. VROOM VROOM True Maroon!

Time to GAY up your 2012 maroon wardrobe!


That's right pups, it's time to fagify those clothes again. Put on bling-encrusted specs and update your collection of State Fag-Tees. You could be the newest Borat/Sacha Baron Cohen of gay bulldog culture (albeit with less body hair). Like the Spice Girls and Willie Ninja before them you gotta cruise 'n' booze and flaunt your slutty self. Ironic or not, cool is cool pups. Stop rewinding scenes from 1984's Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo just to freeze-frame on some dancing man ass, and update those many maroon clothing layers that make you pups all faggoty looking.

Nothing says "Look at me I'm an tool" quite like clanking a cowbell at a ball game.

Proof that God wants you to lose.

Pups send fan e-mail

Greg's fanmail comes to us from his school e-mail account. His 2 word message is pup poetry at it's finest.

From: "Gregory Flowers"

Would someone please translate Matthew's fanmail. He sent us this sluring rant after possibly downing a half bottle of daddy's white lightening.

From: "Matthew Neal"
Subject: I am going to make a website how racist u olemiss pigs r, two can play that game maybe that will help your recruiting, first. Thing to bringup would be your loan visit on campus

Michael's fanmail is from the owner of and wants to "work out a deal" with us. We've yet to receive a reply from the e-mail we "dropped" Michael.

From: "Michael Wardlaw"
Subject: Genes page question
Hey guys,
Drop me an email... I would like to work out a deal with you guys...
I have and nothing would piss Gene off more than for me to have the name to his site...
Drop me an email when you get a chance....
Coach's corner
Just got another 2 star commit. TSUN should stop recruiting and work on readin, ritin, and rithmatic starting now!!
Got me some free curly fries over in Alabama. They do love me in Alabama. Heck, they love me everywhere. I love me!
Thinking about setting the Egg Bowl clock a day fast so my guys will be 24 hours early when our bowl game rolls around this year. Can I get a woot woot and some clock help?